Friday 30 December 2011

Day 299- New Year's Eve

Daybreak from Marina Bay Sands- 31/12/2011

I woke up to this sea of burning sky on the last morning of 2011. Standing at the balcony of Asuka's 13th floor room at the Marina Bay Sands, I imagined how this must have been the everyday phenomenon for all the other 364 days of this year. All the past mornings of wonder that I had missed... No, I told myself, this one was particularly beautiful because this one fell on New Year's Eve and also because I had been waiting for this moment since about 3 weeks ago.

Elephant parade @ Marina Bay Sands picture taken by Cher Kuan during a run on 20/11/2011

It was 3 weeks ago when Asuka invited me and Cindy to a staycation at the Marina Bay Sands and to spend New Year's Eve with her and her family. I was thrilled to say the least. What can be better than watching dawn break at one of the world's most amazing swimming pool, long chats about miniatures into the quiet of the night, strawberry champagne and mask party, right?

The Night Before..

Pictures from here
The evening started exotic enough at Geylang with a dinner treat from Asuka's dad. I have never tasted creamier porridge or tastier frog legs. Thank you to Asuka's family for such a sumptuous dinner! Right after dinner, we cabbed down to Marina Bay Sands.

My City- from 57th Floor Marina Bay Sands, 30/12/11

We wasted no time in checking out SkyPark Pool . Rosanna texted me an hour before this picture was taken to wish us  all a Happy New Year. This was us giving you our hugs and kisses, Rosanna!

Grainy picture taken with me holding the camera just before we plunged into the cold water. 10pm, 30/12/2011.


Nice warm water in the foamy jacuzzi 

More of the magic asset enhancer jacuzzi

and Wet Kisses !

Extravagant strawberries that Cindy and I decided to splurge on just because they were so pretty

We returned to the room at about 11pm to more treats of strawberries and Rilakkuma papercraft made by Asuka

Asuka's favourite 

Indonesian chicken puffs and Chinese New Year crackers.

And then Asuka did the perfect corking of the Chilean sparkly I brought just for her because she loved strawberries. 

Glasses of the original blend of Chilean sparkling wine with handpicked strawberries and then as if it was not strawberried enough, we dunked real ones into the flute for her. Of course, I did not know she didn't like alcohol. Good thing her mummy and I do.

We clinked to Cindy's birthday that had just passed, Asuka's birthday that is about to come, the last day of the year and the beginning of a new one! 

And the mask party lasted till our faces began to itch.

New Year's Eve

Rosanna's gift to me for Xmas this year, trees of green bracelet created  by Amy.

After watching the sky till it cleared, I went back to bed till everyone woke. Cindy and I stayed in the room whilst Asuka and her mum went off for breakfast. I showed off my favourite Christmas present to Cindy and she took art pictures of it. 

And for the rest of the day with them at the pool, I took even more pictures. Not surprisingly, looking at these pictures now, they somehow set out for me my aspirations for the coming year 2012.

Asuka and her mum

To be a better daughter,

Cindy and Asuka

sister, partner and friend.

Basically, a better me.

To put my best food forward
instead of one in my mouth.

window display taken by Cindy

Continue to do what I love,
love what I do,

window display MBS taken by Cindy

Construction Workers on Roof from 34th Floor MBS

Learn a new skill/s

Specialty Wine and Vinegar shop MBS

Add colours to my life

 Louis Vuitton House, Singapore from 34th Floor

And always aspiring to 

Art Science Museum from 34th Floor

greater and 

Singapore Flyer from 13th Floor MBS

greater heights....
                                       ....of happiness.

What about you, my dear friends? What was your New Year's Eve like?


Rosamargarita said...

Una muy buena forma de terminar un año, se les ve tan divertidas, me alegro.
Las fotos como siempre estupendas.
Muchos abrazos. feliz 2012

Sans! said...

RosaM, feliz 2012 !!!!!!!!!!

Hemos tenido un día divertido y gracioso:). No he compartido la cama con su novia desde hace 10 años, hasta que ayer por la noche! hahahaha:)

Espero que hayan tenido la víspera de un gran Año Nuevo, mi querido amigo. :)

Kikka N said...

Hyvää Uutta Vuotta!
Guten Rutsch!
Happy New Year!


Meapuntoatodo said...

Sans, I would to wish you de best New Year ... A lot of kiss from Madrid. Thank you for this beautiful pictures. Mariajo

Drora's minimundo said...

This day break competes with fireworks. Beautiful photos! Such a wonderful way to pass New Year's Eve.
Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. A big hug

The Old Maid said...

Great photos, they made me kind of moved by....or maybe it is a music or your story?;) You had a great day, so easy to see it.
It is a few hours till midnight of the last evening of 2011 over here.;)
I will be reading about your city soon, I left this article for this evening - got this travel magazine just before Christmas.:)
As usual thank you for this great photo story.
Are you planning to learn something about the wine and vinegar, dear Susan?
Roasnna's gift is soooooooooo pretty! And for me it is so you!;D
All the best for 2012!

Unknown said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR Sans!! ahh we were so silly yesterday, but such fun :) i really enjoyed our time together, and yes, 2012 will be a better year, maybe my assets will be better enhanced, but not by bubbles ;P


Plushpussycat said...

So bright and beautiful, Sans! May the coming year be filled with more brightness and beauty for you, my friend! :-) Jennifer

Margriet said...

That must have been a wonderful day filled with love and laughter :-)
We spend New Year's eve with family and friends and it was great!!!
Let's make 2012 a year to remember :-)
Happy New year Sans!

rosanna said...

OMG I am not going to show trhis to W or he will go crazy with envy !!
You had a fab New Year party and I am so glad for you all. The swimming pool is as amazing as I remember it and the Art Science Museum is exactly as I imagined it to be.
Great memories for you and so lovely for me too.
Big hugs, Rosanna
PS I'll tell you about our party....cannot say in public...too much alcol around...

BiWuBär said...

Gosh, I had to pull Fluby away from the monitor with all my strength - these gorgeous strawberries were to much for the little chap. He's sobbing now a bit in the background and says you were lucky to have such an impressive New Year's Eve... ;O)Best wishes to you for the New Year!

Birgit (and from Flutterby, too)

KC-Design said...

Oh my God!! Such beautiful pictures! I definitely would love to have a New Year's Eve like you have had!!((-:
Hubby and I were at home, watching our old, crazy, wonderful dog.....grin

Wish you a Happy New Year!


malu2 said...

Fantasticas fotos!!!
Feliz Año 2012, para tí tambien!!!
Te deseo lo mejor!!!
y como siempre desde Barcelona!!!
Besos de las Malu´s.

Sans! said...

Kikka, thank you for popping in on New Year's Day !

I wish for you greater and greater heights in 2012!

Sans! said...

Mariajo, in the year 2012, I will not only visit you more, we will start "chatting" :).

Here's to more in 2012! :)

And thank you for the fabulous tutorial on the bag!

Sans! said...

Drora, I wish for you this 2012, more and more good things :).

I love that picture and it is better than watching the fireworks for me because it is quiet :). But fireworks are also great. I love that men can create such wonders and beauty with something as lethal as gunpowder :).

Sans! said...

You know, Ewa, that bracelet is indeed very me :).

What article are you reading? It's probably in Polish and I won't understand it anyway. I hope you will like my city. I can now say I love my city :). I kind of fell in love with it again when I brought Rosanna and then Eva around and saw my country through the eyes of my friends instead of judging it like someone who's too familiar. I do hope you will visit someday.

I love that picture of the wine and vinegar because of the colours. I don't think I can ever be interested in food or beverage the way I love history, art or culture though. I am more interested in the bottles than the contents :).

I wish for you, Ewa, exciting adventures and successes in 2012 :)

Sans! said...

Hahaha Cindy! I think you have too much talent already and so if you are also too endowed, it would not be fair! :) (psst, I like being flat and wish I am , won't interfere with my running!)

I wish for you, my friend, prosperity and happiness in 2012!

Sans! said...

Jennifer, greetings from sunny Singapore! December is over and the weather will get warmer from now. I will miss December:) But I think the days ahead in 2012 will be exciting.

So I wish for you , dear Jennifer, more of doing what you love , bliss but with doses of happy excitement in 2012 :)

Sans! said...

Margriet, that's a deal! Making 2012 memorable :). My wish for you is easy, may 2012 be one filled with memorable happy instances :)

Sans! said...

Rosanna, I spent a quiet New Year's Eve night and New Year's day but today I had lunch with 2 very good friends I have not seen for ages. People I was so closed too but we never made the time for :(. Lunch was fabulous as always with loads of laughter and after that one of them and I went off and started drinking at 4pm We left at 7 and by then had polished off 2 jugs of sangria :).

I was just telling my friends why New Year's Day is my favourite holiday :). I feel like I can achieve the impossible on this day because I can resolve to do things that I have never succeeded in doing for as long as I have lived, like NO fried food, NO chips, NO sugared stuff! :)

I have been very good with the fried food and snacks so far but my sister just came by with home made jackfruit jam!! HOW???!!!! Yes, it tasted great ! ;)

For you, Ro, I wish you great great happiness and laying the foundation of la casa rosa (at least) in 2012! :)

Sans! said...

Birj,o my I forgot that Fluby loves strawberries too! Ok, next time, I have to put a black strip over any pictures of strawberries if I ever show them again. psssssst, what's the big deal with strawberries anyway? Tell him those in Singapore are usually sour and bruised :).

I wish for you and your bears loads of laughter in 2012!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Sans! What wonderful ways to spend the last night and first day-water, wine, sunrises, face masks, panoramic views, friendship, and food! The food! The pool up there, your beautiful city, the amazing architecture-(our architecture is so dull here, your part of the world has such imagination, your buildings are lyrical, they're sculpture. You have expanded my horizons all last year and continue to do so-my world is wider because of your sharing yours. So thank you for your New Years celebration-it's a gift. And thank you so much for liking the bracelet-I'm still amazed at how an email from a lovely person in Italy can make a bracelet travel from my little studio in Florida to a new home on the wrist of a lovely person in Singapore. It is a wonderful world, it truly is.

Sans! said...

Karin, I was there watching your dog too and could immediately tell that it was a wonderful way to spend New Year's Eve :). Smiles and warmth with love ones. Nothing can beat that, really :).

So I wish for you blissful happiness and blessed days in 2012! And may we see more and more of your wonderful creations!

Sans! said...

Saludos a mi amigo maravilloso blog, Malu en Barcelona encantador! Sólo este año, recibí dos regalos de tu ciudad:). La misma del lagarto de Gaudí!! Nunca seré capaz de olvidar en Barcelona .. lol.

Malu, espero que usted tendrá una mejor que la maravillosa 2012!

Sans! said...

I know you had one heck of a New Year's Eve/Day , Amy. I really love how we can share each other special moments that way. When I said your town was like my country, I meant the scale of your celebrations. You guys really know how to herald the new year with a bang! :)

About the architecture, yes, I do believe Singapore has been voted as having one of the best skylines in the world :). That's for living in a young country bent on competing with the best.

The architect of this building was Moshe Safdie. My sister thought the world of him back when she was in architectural school. This building was inspired by a deck of cards (casino) :) and of course, the Artscience museum was built in the shape of a lotus flower (its now my favourite building in Singapore).

It was very controversial, the legalisation of gambling in Singapore and having casinos in the country. That's why I think , my government demanded the best in architecture and the arts, hopefully to appease the disapproving population. In this 20 hectare area, there is a museum, a botanical garden (not completed yet) the amazing skypark pool, art installations, 2 theatres and floating crystal pavilions (one of them the Louis Vuitton store). It is now the most expensive casino ever built at S$8billion! Of course with the casinos, related crimes have also increased. :) Always the good with the bad :) I'll like to think there's more good than bad though...

Amy, I may have shown you the big and impressive, but you have shown me the small but important. Thank you so very much for a lovely eye opening experience in the past year. For you, I will be selfish and wish for more from you in 2012 :)

PS: I am still wearing that bracelet :)

Unknown said...

nono i talking about wallet size LOL


Sans! said...

Actually I really want to wish for you many many many many and a few more many orders , Cinds!

Now I go to bed soon, after rescuing a few more animals for my zoo..teehee

Ascension said...

Enhorabuena por esa fantastica despedida de año con amigas con las que disfrutar de buena comida, bebida, baño........y comentarios sobre miniaturas.
Precioso regalo de Rosanna.
Flabby de "Birgit" hubiese disfrutado mucho con esas magnificas fresas jejeje
Y como remate....jejejeje, tu pie y tu espalda "inconfundibles", te conoceria en cualquier lugar jejeje
besitos y que el año nuevo te traiga lo mejor.

cockerina said...

Sans dear, my new year was much easier, spent with family, playing Clue! ha ha!
I hope all your wishes come true! Happy New Year to you too!

asukasakumo said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR again! Lmao :)


I am sorry that I didn't like the sparkling wine, but I can say proudly that at least I've tried it :)

I am saving the chicken pie's chilis for you... Hopefully we can have our mini meet up very very soon :)

Kathy said...

Happy New Year!!

GB said...

Looks like you had a blast! Am drooling over all those pictures of food and your anklet tattoo looks lovely( as does the mask--I need to get me some!)

Hope you have a wonderful 2012, dear Sans--may it be a productive and fulfilling year!

much love,

CWPoppets said...

Oh, live is hard, isn't it ;-)
Wish you a belated new year, dear Sans!

The Old Maid said...

The article is called:" The city that loves the numbers". And yes, it is in Polish.;D It contains a few photos and some of which resemble these I saw in this post.:) Like the pool on Marina Bay Sands, night's views, Singapore Flyer... It is a bit about the history and today's Singapore. Beautiful place to live, no doubts, hope to see your city some day.
By the way I sent you an email a few days ago, hope you got it.:)

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Sans,
Wow you really had a wonderful New Years Eve! The photos are wonderful. I love the paperart that your friend made. :)
Keep well and happy and may we keep celebrating each persons art and friendship.

Daydreamer said...

Dear Sans, It happened again! I MISSED this POST!!!:(
Maybe I did not hunt far enough down my list of blogs and notice when there was a new post.... But you KNOW I enjoy your blog SO MUCH, I am ALWAYS SORRY to be so LATE!!!!
Nevertheless... A NEW Year has begun! I want to wish you a Happy, Healthy, Productive, Imaginative, Joyous and Enriching Year!
My New Year's EVE was Extremely TAME and delightfully Mini.... so I don't mind! I think I was SO absorbed in Minis that I forgot to think about Resolutions! And I must confess that I do that Often.... the Resolutions are Elusive..... and I Just want to DO MORE ART!!! (Including Mini-art!)May this year Bring us All closer to our Dreams!
My Love to you!

Sans! said...

Betsy, a few of you have said my new posts didn't appear on the dashboard. I have been so busy these days that sometimes I take a few days to finish a post. Blogger saves your post and when you publish it, the date shown is the date of the 1st day I saved the post. I think that's why it may not have appeared . I don't know...but it is even more heartwarming to see that you are eventually here :).

I envy you :). I haven't been "so absorbed" in minis for a while now. I blame work :). But I won't let it happen for too long! Let's hope for a very absorbed in mini year! :)

Sans! said...

Norma, check out Asuka's website :) Cloudy purple Sky . She's very talented:) I think she'd just posted about these rilakkuma papercraft :)

Yes,let us celebrate art and friendships even more in 2012!

Sans! said...

Ewa, I am very sure you will visit us here . In fact it may even be very soon :)

Check your email :)

Sans! said...

Life is soooooooooooooooo hard, Christine :):)

May you be even more creative (a tough one since you are already uberly so) in 2012!

Sans! said...

G,good to see you ! :) And I want to see more of you in 2012!!!!! :)

Sans! said...

YAY!!! Kathy O-O!!! Long time no see ! HNY!

Sans! said...

Asuka, when ? when? is soon? Just organise.

Sans! said...

jajajajajaja la Ascensión. Un día me llaman a su puerta y usted me pregunta a la vuelta, mira a mi espalda, me quito los zapatos, mira mi pie y luego me da un abrazo grande con un beso en la mejilla y SANS gritar "! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" porque reconoces mis tatuajes:)

La gente pensará que eres mi hermana, porque usted me conoce tan íntimamente! jejejeje

Sans! said...

Playing Clue with family, Caterina? No better way to spend New Year's Eve if you ask me :).

Another great and eventful and meaningful and busy busy busy but always happy happy happy year for you, C!

dalesdreams said...

What a fabulous time you all must have had! :) It all looks so wonderful! :)

Do you have strawberries in Singapore? lol, well, duh, you obviously do! ;) The reach the peak of the season around the middle of June here.

How generous of Asuka! A staycation can be one of the best cations. :)

I feel bad, I have not had much contact with Asuka, we've both been busy...

Why was the pool cold? I'd have been in the jacquizzi, too!

The mask pic and pic you sent to Rosanna are both so cute! :)

You have admirable goals, but, I think you have achieved most of them already, perhaps you are just perfecting at this point?

If you can figure out the foot in mouth thing, I'd like to learn that, as I surely suffer from that one! lol

Hubby and I watched the ball drop on tv and shared glasses of pink champagne when the clock stroke midnight.

Then, I just worried about all of my children returning safe to home after their celebrations, which they did, thank goodness. :)

I always worry about my boy, as that is his birthday, he turned 18 this year.

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