Monday, 30 June 2014

Day 413- Shambles

One of the consequences I had to face up for being away for so long was the sad state of my tribal house.

Almost everything was falling..

and apart.

I was gone so long other inhabitants have moved in 

and made their homes here.
Yes, the wasps were back, kicking and hissing.

Others lived to a ripe old age like this one who  was found very dead but still beautiful. 
I hope she was at least happy with her lodging.

Cleaning out the tribal house was my first task getting back to minis. 

Took me one day just to finish this room.

Even then, I swear I could still hear the hissing wasps...

Monday, 23 June 2014

Day 414- Late Bloom

I have had the most amazing few months but I have also been aching for my mini world.

Dear friends, just know that you are often on my mind, so much so that some of you might have even sensed them? In the last week especially, perhaps we shared faraway thoughts? Did you maybe feel my ardent albeit distant wishes? Little kisses in the breeze on your face? 

I have to go now but I won't be far. When the first of you let me know that you have received my little package, I will post again. 

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